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cut to length line
Cut-To-Length Line

Cut-To-Length Line machines are manufactured by West Philadelphia Machine Works. Our Cut-To-Length Lines are designed specifically for the truck and trailer body industry. WPMWs Cut-To-Length Lines are a low-cost, basic machine that will serve your needs well and economically.

Capabilities of WPMWs Cut-To-Length Line:
Our Cut-To-Length Lines have a feed rate of twenty (20) feet per minute. WPMWs Cut-To-Length Line is designed to handle one coil of aluminum at a time, and it is fairly easy to enhance. The maximum coil sheet size is 60 inches wide with .060 inch thickness aluminum an a 20 inch core. This Cut-To-Length Lines linear counter works with the computer control so that the operator can set the length and quantity to be cut at the operators panel.

cut to length line WPMWs Cut-To-Length Lines are built in two parts. The Leveling Rolls and the Shear are one part and the Run-Out Table is the other part. The Run-Out Table is attached to the Shear with four bolts and clevis pins.



System Requirements for WPMWs Cut-To-Length Line:

  • 120 Volt or 230 Volt Circuit
  • 3/8 Air Line with 125 lbs. pressure

cut to length line Dimensions of WPMWs Cut-To-Length Line:

  • 4 8 height
  • 7 0 width
  • 8 0 length

Features of WPMWs Cut-To-Length Line:

  • Linear Counter - operator presets the number and length of sheets to be cut right at the operators panel
  • Machine shuts down when the counter gets to zero
  • The entire cut-to-length line operates on 20 AMP, 110V circuits

cut to length line Available Options on WPMWs Cut-To-Length Line:

  • Increase speed to 40 feet per minute on 230 Volt model
  • Run-Out Table in 10 foot or 12 foot length (8 foot standard model)
  • Add 2 or 3 additional coil arbors (for different colors or thickness of material)
  • Crimping rolls to bend one or both edges with a slight angle
  • Cart/Skid to receive cut sheets (fits under Run-Out Table)
  • Slitter to slit cut sheets lengthwise into as many as 5 pieces (rolls under Run-Out Table)

To inquire about our Cut-To-Length Lines, Contact us and indicate your interest in Cut-To-Length Lines!