50 W. Conestoga Rd.
P.O. Box 89
Elverson, PA 19520
p: 610-286-5071
f: 610-286-2831


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is West Philadelphia Machine Works (WPMW)?
WPMW is about 50 miles west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the town of Elverson, PA, just a few miles from the Morgantown Exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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    Call us and we'll fax directions, or better yet, we'll come see you if you are in Southeastern or Southcentral Pennsylvania.

    How Big Are The Largest Parts You Machine?
    For milling and lathe work, we can machine parts up to three feet in diameter. For planning, we machine parts that are up to 20 feet long.

    What About Delivery Times ?
    You tell us! We work very hard for all our customers to get the job done when they need the parts delivered. We'll work overtime to accommodate your special needs. As always, it depends on the complexity of the part and the materials required. We stock many basic metals to help speed up job turnaround.

    What about Small Orders?
    We appreciate your order almost regardless of size.  We do prototypes, short run production, and long run production.  We've done plenty of small orders and we've helped our customers to improve the designs of their parts, regardless of the size of the order.

    More Questions?
    To inquire about our machine shop services or Cut-To-Length Lines, Contact us, call us at 610-286-5071, fax us at 610-286-2831 or e-mail us.